Relationships with our customers is the determining factor of our success for all of the solutions that we create.


We continually strive for improvement on all models and solutions by working closely with existing customers to refine and improve all systems and procedures.


Our company is lead by a team purposed to conduct business with integrity in everything we do. This results in open and honest relationships with our customers built on trust.


Our expectations for quality is high and therefore we are diligent in hiring the best people to produce the highest quality product.


We are a company that is driven by the success of our customers. We take pride in listening to our customer’s needs and fulfilling those needs with a solution that is often customized to their particular way of carrying out business.


The company started with a problem.


We observed the delivery of frac sand to the old sand storage systems and noticed the long, inefficient wait times. We saw how this method was highly ineffective as there are multiple trucks waiting to offload into containers, at a fixed hourly rate the costs and efficiencies were a challenge. Depending 100% on trucking and rail cars was far too costly. We also understand that the existing sand storage systems were making an unnecessarily large site footprint on the larger frac sites, the vertical silo takes up a fraction of the space.

Inventing, Designing and Producing

Our complete portable sand system has been created over two years of research and design. We have been listening to the demands of potential customers and have designed a complete solution to meet these demands. In 2010, as a result of our observations our team of inventors, designers and engineers developed a new sand storage concept – the Titan sand silo: An innovative vertical sand silo that has changed and drastically improved the fracking industry.

Our customers are now experiencing many benefits including largely reduced site footprints and the size of the lease that is required to carry each job.

A Strong Team

We now have several factories employing several hundred employees, working together with our customers to manufacture and continually improve various models of the Titan sand silo along with our patented custom detachable trailer.


With an abundance of resources to provide our customers with the best design and manufacturing in the industry, we are confident in our future of growth and sustainability.


We work very closely with an electrical engineer company employing roughly 50 people in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to develop new, creative solutions to operate our innovative equipment.


We currently have five factories in charge of building, painting and assembling our silos, conveyors and patented custom silo trailers. In total these facilities employ roughly 300 workers within Canada and 150 within the U.S.


Transportation of our high capacity silos can be an intimidating and time-consuming process for our customers. We have an experienced team of transportation professionals to offer complete logistics management to our customers.